Cabana Vs. Gazebo: Which One is Right For You?

Are you looking to incorporate some privacy and relaxation with outdoor shade into your backyard? Have you considered a cabana, gazebo, or a pergola? Although these three structures offer comparable functions, there are several significant distinctions among them. Not sure which option would be the best fit for you, your environment, and your space?  Here’s a breakdown of the differences between a cabana vs. gazebo and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

Cabana vs. Gazebo

The first question to answer is, “what is a cabana?” Cabanas are structures that are enclosed with three walls. They offer more privacy for outdoor space and may come equipped with features like drapes or pillows. Cabanas provide greater seclusion and protection compared to gazebos, making them perfect for seating areas or dressing rooms near the pool. The three walls provide ample shade and privacy so you can comfortably take a dip in the water or take a well-deserved break after a long day. To enhance your experience, you have the option to create a makeshift fourth wall by closing the curtains for 100% solitary bliss.

Cabanas may offer more secluded sanctuaries, as they are typically draped in lightweight materials such as cloths and net screens. Gazebos, on the other hand, feature exposed sides and a covered room. Gazebos are usually eight-sided octagonal or rectangular structures with a roof and screens, but no enclosed walls. They normally provide a moderate amount of shade, making them an excellent option for unwinding outside without becoming too warm.

Gazebo vs. Pergola vs. Cabana

Gazebos and pergolas are sometimes mistaken for one another, but there is one distinguishing characteristic that sets them apart: their roofing. Gazebos and cabanas provide complete shielding from the sun, but pergolas allow some sunlight to come through their beams. Overall, pergolas provide less protection and privacy than gazebos and cabanas, but are still a great option for those looking to extend their outdoor living space.

Gazebo vs. Cabana: How to Choose?

When deciding on an outdoor structure, it is key to consider your unique outdoor area and living requirements. Gazebos and cabanas both provide excellent shade and privacy options. The primary distinction between gazebos and cabanas lies in their aesthetic presence. They can both serve as chic additions to your backyard, so the size and design of your yard should be taken into consideration when making your decision. If your yard is on the smaller side, a cabana with its three solid walls might appear too bulky. In this case, a gazebo could be a better fit. 

Alternatively, cabanas are usually available in a wider array of designs. Structurally sound and high end, cabanas add a layer of elegance and class to any outdoor space that simply cannot be matched. Think about your backyard layout as well as the preferences of both you and your family when deciding on a cabana vs. gazebo. For questions on the matter, we here at Blue Sky Outdoor are happy to help! Contact us today!

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