What Is a Cabana? A Guide for Homeowners

What Is a Cabana A Guide for Homeowners

Interested in upgrading your outdoor living space? What a great idea! There are plenty of ways to do so, one of which being installing a cabana in it. What is a cabana? A cabana is a shaded structure often found near pools or beaches. If you’ve visited any high-end hotel, you’ve probably come across a poolside cabana, as they are frequently used for private parties. Cabanas are also common on private beaches, but they can be found in residential spaces like apartment complexes and personal homes as well. If you’re wondering what a cabana is or want more information on how having a cabana in your space could make a difference, read on below! 

Definition and Origins of Cabanas

The term “cabana” comes from the Spanish word “cabaña.” Cabanas became popular alongside the mass installation of outdoor recreational pools, as they provided the convenience of a bathhouse without the hassle of constructing a grandiose building. Originally, these small huts served as changing rooms but quickly transformed into the modern havens of relaxation we’ve come to know and love.  

The next question then becomes, “What is a pool cabana?” And what does a cabana look like? Modern day cabanas can be constructed with a roof and three solid walls, the fourth being exposed to a water body like a pool or beach. These self-supporting shelters provide excellent outdoor shade and privacy for individuals lounging poolside. 

What Building Materials to Use for Cabanas

The frames of a cabana can be constructed using a variety of materials such as wood, metal (usually steel or aluminum) or plastics. Their walls and ceilings can be fashioned from various materials like thatch, plastic, wood, or textiles that are fit for outdoor use. When deciding on which material to use for your cabana, it is essential to check the weather conditions prevalent in your area, as well as the cost and upkeep demands for each material.

Every material comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, even though textiles and plastics have a lower upfront cost than steel and wood, they may not withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions as long as the latter. Conversely, while steel and wood may require more periodic maintenance, textiles and plastics do not.

How to Accessorize Cabanas     

In addition to their function as peaceful refuges, cabanas can also serve as chic additions to any pool or beachside location. High-end hotels often incorporate cabanas into their outdoor lounge spaces for their guests’ enjoyment, but many household residences may also find that by incorporating them into their personal spaces, they are able to bring a sense of serenity into their yards. Cabanas provide a safe haven for meditation, enjoying nature, having a cup of coffee, or simply spending time outdoors. 

Although cabanas can be embellished according to one’s preference, most homeowners with cabanas opt for a natural, simple look. If you’re looking for design inspiration, we suggest keeping with earthtones and going for neutrals over all else.

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