Teak Outdoor Furniture

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One of the classic materials used in making quality Outdoor Furniture is Teak wood. If you like the aesthetic appeal of wood, then Teak is really the best choice for Outdoor Furniture.

Teak wood is a classic material used to make high-quality outdoor furniture. Those who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of outdoor wood furniture will find Teak to be an excellent choice. This dense wood is one of the most resistant on the planet. Its durability means Teak can last for decades without needing to be replaced. In fact, there are Teak benches in Europe and Asia that are over a century old and are still being used every day in public parks. These and other properties make Teak outdoor furniture the perfect choice for sustainability.

On average, two Teak trees are planted for every one that is harvested. This ensures that the material will be around for future generations and provides security for our precious rainforests. This practice makes legally-sourced Teak one of the most eco-friendly materials available. Furthermore, all our Teak products are produced from the best Grade A Teak wood, cut from the center of aged trees, kiln-dried to the optimum level of moisture, and 100% machine created using time-tested furniture joinery techniques like dowels, tenons, mortise, along with screws for additional strength where appropriate.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Teak outdoor furniture is that it is high maintenance. The truth is that, when left untreated, Teak will patinate to a silvery gray color and requires no maintenance at all, except for occasional cleaning with soap and water to get rid of dirt. Many prefer the "natural" look of Teak patio furniture. However, there are plenty of products available for those who want to keep the darker finish that is closer to the original honey color of Teak. Simply applying a UV-inhibiting stain (think sunscreen for your Teak) and then covering the furniture during the winter months will do the trick. When you uncover the furniture in the spring, just apply another coat of stain to the surfaces of the wood with a sponge or rag, as you would furniture polish. It's really that easy to keep your Teak outdoor furniture looking like new for as long as you own it.

Another little-known benefit of Teak furniture is its ability to self-regulate its own temperature, allowing it to stay cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Other materials like aluminum or stainless steel do not hold this inherent quality that Teak naturally provides.

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