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With our Shade Designer™, you can design your own umbrella in an immersive 3D space, right from your web browser. Choose from our extensive catalog of umbrella models, fabrics, frame finishes and custom options. When you are done, share your creation with your colleagues, download specifications, request a quote, and even see real-time pricing.

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Blue Sky Outdoor provides an extensive range of everyday bases and mount solutions that are suitable for nearly all types of umbrellas. Choosing the right umbrella base can make all the difference in maintaining the stability and durability of your umbrella. Properly fastening your umbrella is equally critical to guarantee long-lasting protection against the sun. That’s why we at Blue Sky Outdoor offer top-quality Frankford bases & mounting systems for our shade solutions.

About Frankford Bases & Mounting Systems

Frankford was established in 1898 as a minor umbrella mending store. The original company was situated in the center of Philadelphia. Having been in the shade industry for over a century, Frankford has evolved to become a top brand, servicing thousands of businesses across the United States.

At Blue Sky Outdoor, we offer two options for concrete-filled premium aluminum shell Frankford bases weighing either 100 lb or 150lb. Both bases include wheels and feature polished anodized silver finishes. The exceptional design and components of Frankford’s umbrellas enable customers like you to recreate high-class hotel and resort experiences in your very own beloved outdoor living area.

Why Purchase Frankford Bases & Mounting Systems from Blue Sky Outdoor?

Buying Frankford bases and mounting systems from Blue Sky Outdoor means you have entered into a commitment to quality. At Blue Sky Outdoor, our expertise lies in selecting the ideal shape, dimensions, and appropriate weight of accessories to complement your umbrellas. We consider ourselves a customer service company first, which means we’ll always go above and beyond to get our customers the exact base or mounting system they need. We’ll help you find the exact right Frankford base or mounting system to go with your umbrella, all at a price you can feel good about. Can’t find it on our website? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. 

To learn more about Frankford bases & mounting systems, we encourage you to contact us today. Call us at 650-888-3318 with any questions or to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.


Frankford Bases & Mounting Systems

Premium Aluminum Shell (100A)

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Frankford Bases & Mounting Systems

Premium Aluminum Shell (150A)

Original price was: $895.00.Current price is: $760.00.

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