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At Blue Sky Outdoor, we have a large selection of long-lasting and contemporary cantilever umbrellas manufactured by Frankford, one of the leading umbrella brands in the US. We offer customers the option to purchase Frankford cantilever umbrellas alongside semi-permanent or permanent bases and mounting options. Suitable for any type of surface, Frankford cantilevers are versatile and high quality. Learn more below!

About Frankford Cantilevers

Blue Sky Outdoor offers the Aurora and Eclipse cantilevers from the Frankford line. Both  are high-end cantilever terrace umbrellas that are intended for commercial purposes but are equally suitable for residential environments.

Although a little lighter and smaller than the Eclipse, the Aurora boasts the same outstanding features, including the 360°-rotation infinity tilting that permits an endless number of tilt angles, guaranteeing complete coverage irrespective of the sun’s or rain cloud’s position.

These umbrellas come equipped with canopies crafted from premium, machine-grade acrylic fibers that have been expertly solution-dyed. Not only do they provide UV shield protection and are resistant to mold and mildew, but they are also easy to clean and fade-resistant. Moreover, these cantilevers’ masts are fashioned from weather-resistant, marine-grade aluminum with a refined matte silver appearance you’ll love.

Why Buy Frankford Cantilever from Blue Sky Outdoor?

For over two decades, Blue Sky Outdoor has worked hard to provide superior customer service to our design, commerce, and hospitality clientele, as well as to our residential customers. We are proud to extend this service to customers interested in purchasing Frankford cantilevers from Blue Sky Outdoor. Our team’s extensive knowledge, expertise, and customer-centric approach means we will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire life-cycle of your project, starting with product selection all the way through to the final installation.

Interested in learning more about Frankford cantilevers? Contact us today! Call us at 650-888-3318 with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.

Frankford Cantilever Umbrellas

Aurora Cantilever


Frankford Cantilever Umbrellas

Eclipse Cantilever


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