Commercial Umbrellas in Brentwood

Blue Sky Outdoors is the premier provider of Commercial Umbrellas and Cabanas for Brentwood as well as throughout all of California.  Our Tuuci Commercial Grade Umbrellas are perfect for hotels, restaurants, office parks, schools, as well as discerning residential customers.  Check out our wide selection of Tuuci products here on our website, call us, or complete our contact form to have someone contact you.

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    For more information, call 650-888-3318

    We pride ourselves on being experts in all things Tuuci, and we look forward to putting that expertise to work for you. We specialize in working with Landscape Architects and Designers on Commercial projects, and we equally enjoy working with individuals to help select the ideal shade products for your backyard. As one of the largest Tuuci dealers in the country, we offer generous discounts to both the trade and to individual consumers. We carry the full line of Tuuci products, from the Ocean Master to the Bay Master.  Call us at 650-888-3318.


    Why are there no prices for Tuuci products on our website?

    If we were to put prices online, Tuuci would require us to adhere to a “minimum advertised price” (called MAP). We would not be permitted to sell online for anything less than the MAP Pricing, and still remain an Authorized dealer. But in our own physical location, we can set our own prices. So rather than be limited by this online rule, we choose not to display any pricing, and instead invite you to visit our Menlo Park showroom or give us a call at 650-888-3318 for a quote. We think you will be very happy that you did.

    About the Tuuci brand

    For over 20 years TUUCI has been creating the most innovative, unique and stylish shade platforms in the industry. Founded with a passion, TUUCI was born from the marine industry. This means every single parasol, lounge and cabana created has been meticulously engineered to perform without question, in any environment. Tuuci products don’t just perform, they also turn heads with an unparalleled sense of style and design. TUUCI products are engineered for strength, durability and fluid movement. Every product is manufactured 100% in the USA with only the most premium quality materials that are incredibly durable. With a design sense unlike any other, TUUCI’s parasols, pavilions, and lounges are your ultimate shade experience. TUUCI can be found virtually anywhere around the world where fine quality products are appreciated. We welcome you to check out the wide variety of product offered in the Tuuci line.

    Tuuci now offers full Automation

    Open or close your Tuuci Cantilever with the touch of a button.

    (click image to see video of the automation)