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Outdoor Teak table and chairs for 12

If you are looking for Patio Furniture in Saratoga then come to BlueSky Outdoor today.  We carry a wide assortment of outdoor patio furniture including dining chairs and tables, lounge seating including benches, love seats, couches, sofas, sunbeds, coffee tables and more. We look forward to helping you design your patio, pool deck, or any other outdoor living space.



One of the classic materials used in making quality Outdoor Furniture is Teak Wood.

If you like the aesthetic appeal of wood, then Teak is really the best choice for Outdoor Furniture.

Teak is an extremely dense hard wood that has a high natural oil content that makes it the most resistant wood on the planet. Teak is also a very durable wood that can last for decades. In fact, there are teak benches in Europe and Asia that are more than a century old, and still being used every day in public parks. These and other properties make Teak Outdoor Furniture the perfect choice for decades of sustainability.

Speaking of Sustainability, All our teak wood is sourced from Teak plantations, managed by Perum Perhutani, the Indonesian Government appointed entity responsible for controlling the growth and harvest of teak, as well as assuring that the chain of custody is uninterrupted. On average two teak trees are planted for every one that is harvested, ensuring that there will be plenty of raw materials for future generations to enjoy without depleting our precious rainforests. This practice makes legally sourced teak one of the most eco-friendly materials. Further, all our teak products are made from the finest Grade A teak wood, cut from the center of aged trees, then kiln dried to the optimum level of moisture, and 100% machine made using time tested furniture joinery techniques, such as mortise, tenons and dowels along with screws for added strength where appropriate. Every step of the production process is monitored and checked by our Quality Assurance team.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Teak Outdoor furniture is the belief that it is high maintenance. The truth is, Teak left untreated will patina to a silvery gray color, and requires no maintenance at all, save for a good cleaning with soap and water every once in a while to get the dirt off the surfaces. Many prefer this “natural” look of teak patio furniture. But for those who choose for cosmetic reasons to keep a darker finish that is closer to the original honey color of teak, the products available today make even this choice quite easy by simply applying a UV inhibiting stain (think sun screen for your teak) and then covering the furniture during the winter months. When you uncover the furniture in the spring, simply apply another coat of the stain to the surfaces of the wood with a sponge or rag (think furniture polish). It really is that simple to keep you teak looking like new for as long as you own it.

One other little know benefit of teak furniture is its ability to self-regulate it’s own temperature, allowing it to stay cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Other materials like Aluminum or Stainless Steel do not enjoy this inherent quality which teak naturally provides.

Blue Sky Outdoor is proud to offer a wide variety of Teak Outdoor furnishings, including; Teak Outdoor Dining Tables , Teak Outdoor Chairs , to Teak Seating Sets , Teak Benches , as well as other accessories.