Teak Restoration

We can restore your Teak furniture to its original color and smooth finish.

Durable, reliable, and resilient, Teak outdoor furniture is the preferred choice for many when furnishing their outdoor living areas. When left untreated, Teak wood will naturally be subject to the effects of aging. This furniture turns into a beautiful silvery-gray patina as a result of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. While some people like this look, others prefer to restore Teak furniture to its original honey-grain color and smooth finish. Blue Sky Outdoor can do that for you.

The process of Teak restoration starts with a surface wash to clean the furniture and eliminate all dirt from the wood’s grain. If necessary, we use bleach to remove mold and scrub the furniture by hand to bring the Teak back to its original color. Once dry, we sand the Teak back to its natural texture. Older furniture with raised grain may require multiple levels of sanding. Once we achieve a smooth finish, we’ll apply a sealer for additional UV protection.

Teak Chair Restoration -Before and After Photo
Chair Outdoor Teak Restoration

It is important to note that no sealer can permanently prevent Teak from graying with sun exposure. The frequency of refinishing your Teak depends on the amount of sun exposure your furniture gets and whether you cover it during the rainy season. Reapplying a Teak sealer at least once a season may help prevent complete furniture refinishing, but once the furniture starts to gray, refinishing is necessary. Our customers typically have us refinish their furniture every 2-4 years, depending on how they maintain it themselves.

As part of our refinishing service, we pick up your furniture and bring it back to our facility to perform the Teak restoration. Best of all, we’ll return it looking like new.

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