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With our Shade Designer™, you can design your own umbrella in an immersive 3D space, right from your web browser. Choose from our extensive catalog of umbrella models, fabrics, frame finishes and custom options. When you are done, share your creation with your colleagues, download specifications, request a quote, and even see real-time pricing.

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At Blue Sky Outdoor, we provide a range of giant patio umbrellas from the Frankford MAX line to optimize your shade coverage. Learn more about our oversized umbrella options on this page.

About Frankford MAX

The Frankford MAX line is a series of giant umbrellas boasting remarkable shade capabilities. We offer the Frankford MAX umbrellas collection, which includes the giant Greenwich, the G-Series Monterey, and the Nova.

The G-Series Greenwich and G-Series Monterey present the same commercial-standard excellence and lavish styling as their smaller counterparts but take things a step further. With their substantial aluminum center columns, these umbrellas supply peak resilience and steadiness amidst moderately windy settings. The G-Series Greenwich’s ergonomically crafted aluminum ribs offer remarkable robustness and longevity. The G-Series Monterey’s fiberglass ribs maintain the umbrella’s beautiful contour without jeopardizing its adaptability.

The Nova stands out as the colossus among our variety of center pole shade umbrellas, boasting a canopy that spans 16 feet. This umbrella comes with semi-permanent or temporary mounts. Defining attributes include a retractable crank system, a detachable crank, and a wind-resistance score of 50-60 mph! This industrial-grade telescoping system operates with hassle-free unfolding and closing, eliminating the need to rearrange your outdoor furniture each time you open and close it. 

Why Buy a Frankford MAX from Blue Sky Outdoor?

At Blue Sky Outdoor, we take pride in the umbrellas and shade offerings we provide. We’re confident in our unique and innovative catalog, which embodies the best of modern and transitional styles. Our catalog of Frankford umbrellas includes everything from conventional designs to cutting-edge innovations. Our hands-on experience with all models makes it easier for customers to purchase Frankford umbrellas from Blue Sky Outdoor with total confidence. Best of all, you can trust that we will always maintain a uniform focus on superior workmanship, eco-friendliness, and a customer-centric approach.

Interested in learning more about Frankford MAX umbrellas? Contact us today! Call us at 650-888-3318 with any questions or to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.

Frankford MAX Umbrellas

Giant Greenwich


Frankford MAX Umbrellas

Giant Monterey


Frankford MAX Umbrellas

Giant Nova Telescoping


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