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With our Shade Designer™, you can design your own umbrella in an immersive 3D space, right from your web browser. Choose from our extensive catalog of umbrella models, fabrics, frame finishes and custom options. When you are done, share your creation with your colleagues, download specifications, request a quote, and even see real-time pricing.

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At Blue Sky Outdoor, we offer a range of classic Frankford umbrellas that combine elegance with flair, creating a refined aesthetic for any outdoor setting. Explore the details of the Frankford Classic line below.

About Classic Frankford Umbrellas

The classic line of Frankford umbrellas comprises contemporary market pieces with water-resistant canopies sewn from marine-grade acrylic fibers. Included in this line are the Greenwich Pulley-Lift Umbrella, the Monterey Fiberglass Pulley-Lift Umbrella, the Monterey Fiberglass Auto-Tilt Umbrella, and the Monterey Fiberglass No-Tilt model.

The Greenwich is an impressive market umbrella designed to maintain its sleek and refined appearance even in settings with high traffic. Equipped with an all-weather aluminum pole and ribs, the Greenwich umbrella delivers excellent protection against various weather conditions while also retaining its silhouette throughout many years of use. Furthermore, its anodized aluminum finish, which features a polished silver look akin to chrome, safeguards its glossiness against the corrosion caused by UV rays and air particles.

The Monterey fiberglass range boasts a commercial-grade construction that utilizes only top-quality materials and incorporates either a pulley-lift or crank system. These umbrellas’ masts are crafted from sturdy and weatherproof aluminum, which is combined with stainless steel hardware and zero-maintenance resin. Additionally, the umbrellas’ thick fiberglass ribs are designed to stretch and bend effortlessly, providing enhanced wind protection.

Why Buy Frankford Classic from Blue Sky Outdoor?

Exceptional customer service has consistently been a leading principle at Blue Sky Outdoor. Regardless of the scope and magnitude of your outdoor home project, our team will make sure that you have a great experience. Our catalog of Frankford classic umbrellas includes everything from conventional designs to cutting-edge innovations. We have hands-on experience with all models, making it easier for customers to purchase Frankford umbrellas from Blue Sky Outdoor with total confidence. Best of all, we’ll always stay true to our uniform focus on superior workmanship, eco-friendliness, and a customer-centric approach.

Interested in learning more about classic Frankford umbrella models? Contact us today! Give us a call at 650-888-3318 with any questions or to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.

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